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Welcome to Laura Mayo Counselling. I am an experienced clinician dedicated to helping people heal, thrive and feel connected. 


My practice is centred on improving your relationships, and strengthening your bonds with others. I honour the courage it takes to seek counselling, and I am committed to supporting you as you move through challenging times.


I work with families and couples who experience conflict, who struggle to get along, who feel disconnected from each other. I help them to listen to each other and to reconnect.


If people find it difficult to put their emotions into words, if they feel stuck and unable to move forward, I help get them unstuck.


My values are rooted in social justice and I welcome people of any faith, race, gender identity and sexual orientation.   

when we understand our emotions, we understand what we need. 


Schedule a Session

Thanks for contacting Laura. She will respond within 1-2 business days.

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